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giugno 11, 2024 - Jagex Game Studio

It’s time to revisit Daemonheim in RuneScape

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Introducing a New Archaeology Dig Site, New Underground Area 'The Warped Depths' and a Graphical Overhaul of this Iconic Area
Uncover mysteries and earn bountiful rewards in the new Archaeology Dig Site: Daemonheim in RuneScape today 
Watch the Daemonheim Dig Site Dev Diary here:

It's time to explore the world of RuneScape as Jagex announces a brand-new Archaeology Dig Site: Daemonheim added to the game as the latest archaeological themed update. 

RuneScape is adding a new archaeology mini-dig site set in the ruins of Daemonheim, where players can unearth an array of relics and artefacts and uncover new mysteries and collections. Daemonheim Dig Site is an update crafted with treasure hunters and adventurers in mind and is the eighth dig-site to be added to the game.

The Daemonheim surface has been given a full graphical overhaul, its first since it originally launched in 2010, enriching the dig site with more to see, experience and explore, and shining a light on the untold stories and mysteries of the land. Players will need to have reached level 73 in the Archaeology skill and also freed Skaldrun from the Frozen Floors in Dungeoneering before exploring this challenging upper dig site of Daemonheim, and the new dark under surface levels of 'The Warped Depths.'

Uncover the new Dragonkin Archaeology collection to unlock a brand new Relic Power 'Spirit Weaver' to gain an impressive new ability to either maximise XP gains, or optimise time efficiency while training Summoning. 

In The Warped Depths players can find and unlock two new skilling offhand items. Balarak's Sash Brush, offers new passive boosts and elevated excavation success to Archaeology, whilst Skeka's Hypnowand enables a new style of hunting and combat gameplay.

Introduced in 2020, Archaeology, is one of RuneScape's 29 skills focused around the excavation and restoration of artefacts found across the world of Gielinor. Since its introduction, Archaeology has become one of the game's most popular skills. 

RuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.